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So I’ve not written a blog all weekend, oops, I’m sorry but I left the laptop at home and went away on a mini break as I have only just got the chance to celebrate valentines with my lovely boyfriend this weekend, so after spending a long luxurious weekend locked away in the gorgeous Marriott hotel I’m now ready (forced) to return to normal life, dammit, I feel like I’ve been slapped in the face by reality, unlike this poor woman ouch.

So I’ve been thinking of some very random stuff indeed to share with you all from our glorious world wide web! Some it quirky, some of it so funny you want to pee yourself to a point! Whilst I link you up, I’m going to be a complete nerd and listen to my Sherlock Holmes soundtrack which my boyfriend bought me (for himself to a point but he loves me more) as I can’t link you to my playlist I shall share youtube with you, this is a hell of a soundtrack for an utterly breathtaking film and here is an example of the amazing soundtrack music

Now this is a random list from a little well-known website called, some of the most random stuff ever made is on here, like this  and it made me think of a time when my boyfriend will propose and I should gladly say he doesn’t need to watch this video!  Then you have retarded children like these two who managed to make it to the number one most watched youtube video of all time a while ago, wtf?! I hadn’t heard of it before the tv told me to youtube it, and don’t you agree the younger child has an abnormally large head? Talking of abnormal, childhood heroes to many the teletubbies return for a rap revival, now this makes me laugh so hard because it’s almost perfectly choreographed they go from bad asses to actual ass shaking  now that would have made good tv!

My favourite video game of life has to be Grand Theft Auto, every single version of it rocks! Although I haven’t played my PS3 in a while I still love this game to bits and this clip of my other favourite game Mario Brothers just kills me! You might have to have some idea of either game to get it but its good stuff –  and last but no means least something which I get all the bloody time, fucking hell it annoys the hell out of me, some are perverts some are jealous, either way I don’t facking appreciate it! –

Now can I go and continue my perving on handsome men? D R O O L….  =D

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Things I was blessed to hear but unknowingly :D

Today we had our last creative writing poetry class with Anthony Mellors, he is definitely one of my favourite lecturers along with Ian Marchant (Spell checker is telling me this name is spelt wrong? No shut up spell checker you can’t spell names apart from “Bill & Jane” Stupid thing!) and Tony Howe is pretty good too.

 So there I am this afternoon in my creative writing class, kind of bored as Anthony our lecturer had left us to rewrite yet another sonnet – fun fun fun!  So rather than write the blasted sonnet (which I’ll write in the last five minutes of the class and then be mighty impressed with myself!)  I figure I’ll listen to what other people in the class are saying seeming as they aren’t really talking quietly anyway.  So today I discovered that we were meant to be handing in some work today but as I, and a few others, were away last week, we had no idea about this new deadline, but thank god because we didn’t know we can stick to the original deadline, don’t know who changed it or why anyway, complete morons!  After yet more informative listening I heard something about how we are meant to have discussed our dissertation even though its ages away, with somebody called Vicky Angelaki (I keep hearing her name! Who?!) so why AGAIN do half the class not know about this? Oh well I guess I shall have to speak to someone asap in this case – if what I heard was true. So basically I pay over £3000 a year for my degree and the only way I actually learn about deadlines and other important information is not through my lecturers or bloody moodle but through eavesdropping, wonderful.

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The first of many I presume

Weird thing

I think I must have been around 6 or 7 when I was retarded enough to take one of my moms Iron tablets thinking it was some kind of sweet or something, big mistake, oh yes indeed because my mom found out.  Shit, I thought I was in big trouble, but boy it was bigger than that.  Now being around six I had limited intelligence (I’m fine now) and so when my mom told said “Oh no” to me upon finding out I’d had a tablet, I was left confused, why was I not getting shouted at or sent to my room?  “Your going to die Sheena, there there, I’ll bring you a blanket, go lie down on the bed now”  OH MY GOD. 

So there I am, 6 years old, bright-eyed and slightly hyper suddenly thinking I am about to die!  I accepted my fate quickly and went to lie down on the bed, what a retard, I didn’t even consider phoning 999 or thinking I would live.  So I lay there waiting to die and asking “How long do I have to live?” only now do I remember my mom laughing in the other room as she pretended to phone my dad, and there I was honestly thinking this was the end of my mere six years of life, oh the shame, the cruelty and the torment, and even till this day she still tells this story to everybody and it brings roars of laughter, why?  I probably have some psychological damage but never mind.

 If only 14 years later I could ring up the NSPCC now…

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!